Senior Java Developer

Full Time

Job Description

We’re looking for a java developer with the advanced skills needed to build transformative applications from vision to production-ready systems. This role is more than just coding. We need a full-stack developer who will use their passion to learn new tools and techniques, identify and implement system improvements, and mentor teammates.

On our team, you’ll help customers overcome their most difficult challenges using the latest architectural approaches like microservices, domain driven design, or n-tier. You’ll analyze the needs and the environment to make sure the solution you’re developing considers the current architecture and operating environment, as well as future functionality and enhancements.

Job Responsibilities

  • Write applications in Java using Object Oriented Design Principles
  • Create Java Spring Boot REST Services
  • Use Java Streams API to work with real time data
  • Create a Java Thread Executor Pool to read & write from a Thread-safe queue
  • Use Java Lambdas for use in Collections
  • Create Distributed Cloud Configuration with Spring Cloud
  • Create Circuit Breakers with Spring Cloud
  • Create a Database Integration via Hibernate or Spring Data
  • Optimize business logic & SQL queries to enhance performance by 50+%
  • Setup Kafka to support 10mm messages / hr throughput on 2KB payloads
  • Deploy a Kafka Multi-AZ Cluster on AWS
  • Build Services that are Highly Available (Multi-AZ & Multi-Region)
  • Build Algorithms to Optimize Execution times and reduce end to end latency
  • Use & Tweak Terraform Scripts to deploy Kubernetes Clusters with EKS
  • Navigate & debug Java Apps on a Linux EC2 Instance


  • 5+ years of experience as a software developer or software engineer
  • Experience with Java, JavaScript, Java Beans, JSP, JMS, J2EE, Spring, Boot, Hibernate, CSS, DHTML, HTML, or XML
  • Experience with Swagger Specification
  • Experience with containerization tools Kubernetes or Docker
  • Experience with Jira or Maven
  • Knowledge of architecture styles and APIs, including SOAP, REST, or RPC
  • Knowledge of software development and user interface web applications

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